A common question for doctors, medical professionals, and IT staff who deal with patient data, medical files, or HIPAA related info is, "How long do I need to keep all of our patient records?"  HIPAA protects patients rights to access of their personal files.  Patient Data and access to Patient Files in the state of South Carolina should be stored and accessible for a time period of 10 years for adults from last treatment and 13 years from last treatment for children.  Accourding to hss.gov's website (click here),  HIPAA doesn't designate a particular period of time for the file retention, it does clearly state a reasonable effort needs to be saved, stored, backed-up, and retreivable.  It also allows the states to make their own time retreival policies.  According healthit.gov's website (click here), In South Carolina, the retention time for Patient Data is 10/Years.  The link also shows other state's laws in regards to their retention policies.